Are you Carbon Monoxide Safe?

Many states around the country are enacting laws for the protection against carbon monoxide.  Kansas is not one of those states. But they should be!  Here’s why:

1. Carbon monoxide is a colorless & odorless gas that is created when combustible appliances (furnace, water heater, gas ovens) do not completely use all the gas being supplied to it.

2. MANY people die each year because one of their appliances began to malfunction and they died in their sleep because of the carbon monoxide.

3. Humans cannot detect they are being overcome by carbon monoxide until many times it’s too late.

4. Early warning systems saves lives and are worth the investment to protect your family!

We can install any type of CO or smoke detectors you need! Call or email for new pricing on battery powered units, plug-in units, and direct wire combination smoke and CO detectors.  Installation for most units will be quick and simple, and give you peace of mind knowing your family is protected. Most states recommend you install one combination Smoke/CO detector within 15 feet of sleeping rooms, and 20 feet of any gas-fed appliance.  Most homes only need 2-3 detectors.  If you have one already and it’s at least 5 years old, it’s time to replace it.

 Wichita Handyman has a great selection of detectors for you to choose from — from battery operated units, plug-in units, and direct-wire into the existing smoke detectors!

We also know times are hard right now, but we also want your family to be safe.  Contact us to make sure you have what you need and to get the best pricing available!  Fill out the contact form or feel free to give us a call. We have had lots of calls lately about beeping detectors, and detectors going off. It’s very important that you have us come and inspect those for you to ensure it’s working properly. Don’t be caught off guard by the silent and deadly gas!

A friend of ours called just the other day and told us their carbon monoxide detector in their apartment went off and called the apartment complex office and notified them about it.  The office told them it was no big deal and not worry about it!! Our friends called the fire department and the firemen told them if they had gone to bed and ignored it like the office told them, they would be dead.  DON’T BE A VICTIM. Do what you have to do to be safe.

Fall Projects

Fall is upon us, and the winter weather will quickly be here too!

Do you have everything done around your house before it gets too cold?  I’ve already been getting requests to clean gutters and fix some leaks, exterior carpentry repair and sealing, and weather strips around doors and windows.  Sound familiar to you?  Now’s the time to get that stuff fixed before the snow starts.

Did you know…..

  • Gutters full of leaves that get packed down with rain and snow can cause not only leaks, but worse problems if that water ruins the wood trim or your siding. Moisture problems like that also invite termites and fungus.
  • Lots of cold air is allowed in around places you don’t know about. I can help you determine where the leaks are coming from and get them sealed up to save you lots of money this winter.
  • Having a programmable thermostat can also reduce your energy bills by allowing you to turn down the heat when you’re not home, but have it nice and toasty just before you arrive. I’ll install one and show you how easy it can be.
  • By using your ceiling fan in reverse mode, it helps re-distribute the heat sitting near the ceiling back into the room and reduces the amount of heat you have to pour into the house to stay warm. Want to replace a plain light with a ceiling fan? I’ve had several requests recently, so get on the list to get it done!
  • Have a gas fireplace? Turn off the pilot and don’t use it!! Unless you have a blower on it to help distribute the heat, or it’s an extremely small room, it costs waaaay more to run those than to just turn up the heat on the furnace! I’ll be glad to talk with you more about it, or help you turn off the pilot. Just call!

No matter your project this fall, I’ll be glad to help you with all of your needs. Usually around this time of year business starts to slow down a little. Not here! I’m still booking at least several weeks in advance.

Fill out the contact form or call today. I will make it a priority to get over to look at your project and get you scheduled as soon as possible.

Also, navigate over to ‘Are you Carbon Monoxide Compliant’ and read the important information about Carbon Monoxide alarms. I have recently installed over 25 new alarms in people’s houses to keep their families safe. Don’t wait to make sure you are safe too.

Enjoy your fall!