Bringing a fence back to life

This is a fence project I recently completed for some customers in NW Wichita.  This fence was 156 linear feet! It was long.  It took about 4 hours to pressure wash all the old weathered look and make it shine again.  Some of the neighbor’s fence had already been stained a couple of years ago (sprayed on) and didn’t look great. Some of the fence had fairly new boards, but had not been treated at all.  The whole thing was power-washed.  The next day when it was dry we rolled on an entire 5-gallon bucket of Sherwin Williams HouseScapes semi-transparent stain. It came out beautifully.  Just as a reference, labor for the entire thing comes to about $3.50 per linear foot.  A gallon of Sherwin Williams stain covers 100-200 square feet and it’s $50 a gallon plus sundries. But when you see the results — it’s definitely worth it!

fence 3-1fence 5-1fence 4-1fence-1fence 2-1

Kitchen cabinet roll out shelves

These are some roll out shelves we installed for a customer in Wichita this week.  They are polypropylene plastic reinforced with fiberglass and steel. They are 3 inches high and can hold 60-100 pounds of weight.  While they run $50-$60 per drawer plus installation and some minor cabinet modification, these are by far the best drawers we’ve seen. The shelves make retrieving things in the back of the cabinet so much easier, especially for the elderly or disabled. They can also be easily wiped out with a Clorox wipe.  See here for your self what sets these apart, and then call us to order some for your kitchen and get them installed.

Double Roll Out Drawers

Single Roll Out Drawer

Refurbished deck

This was a fun project.  Several summers ago when the homeowners first moved in to their house, they budgeted to do a few repairs each summer to their deck and landscaping. We sanded down the boards, replaced 4 rotten ones, and then gave everything a nice coat of Sherwin Williams Deckscapes paint/stain combo. It’s tintable so they were able to pick the color they wanted and it came out nice.  We also rebuilt their seat along the edge of the deck and stained it too.

This last summer they were ready to have all new boards installed on the main deck.  After ripping up the tired, old pressure treated lumber, we replaced it with all new already-stained brown pressure treated wood from Home Depot. They also have some pesky neighbors, so we built a lattice backdrop with pressure treated wood to help give them some privacy on spring and summer evenings.

The last picture is two custom-made planters made out of some left-over decking material. It was our gift to them for being a great customer over the years. (We also completely rebuilt the sprinkler system that was originally installed in 1983 and was in bad shape. Just don’t have pics of that big project!)

As long as it’s fairly dry for at least a week, winter could be a great time to replace your deck boards! We would be glad to come by and take a look at your project, and get everything done now so when spring sneaks up on you and you want to spend time on the deck, it’s beautiful and ready for company.  Click the contact button at the top of the page and tell us about your project.

Enjoy the pictures.

Joyce Deck

Joyce Deck - view 2

Joyce Deck View 3

Planter Boxes

Evergrain Deck Installation

Evergrain stairs
Evergrain main deck
Evergrain main & lower deck
Evergrain main stairs
Evergrain lower deck & stair lights

The photos display the finished installation of a top of the line Evergrain composite deck and pathway/step lights installed over the winter of 2009. We had to rebuild most of the structure because of weather rot. But once we put the new joists on, we used a special coating on the joists to make them last LOTS longer. We also found even with 6 inches of snow on the deck, after a little shoveling and direct sunlight, that deck was dry in an hour!  Our clients were very happy!

We can install or resurface a deck at your home too. Please contact us for more information or call (316) 243-8288.

Master Bath Tile Remodel

A large master bath tile job from 2011. Here are the pics!

Tile Backsplash

Lots of calls lately for tile backsplashes.  It’s pretty simple to do, and makes a big difference in the look of your kitchen.  Here is one of my favorites I did recently.  I also installed the cabinets and lights. More to come!

In the stone backsplash we mixed just a few dark blue glass tiles to tie-in the blue pendant lights. Really brings it all together!

Stone backsplash

We installed all brand new cherry cabinets, granite countertops, real stone tile backsplash, and a stainless refrigerator. The cabinets over the sink have glass doors to see wine glasses, etc. We also installed a wine bottle holder for easy access!

Bathroom Tile Work

Custom Shower Tile
Custom Tile Surround: Built-in storage for soap and shampoo. We can provide this and much more in your bathroom, too!

Granite Counters and Custom Tile
Granite Countertops and Custom Tile: Compliments the countertop nicely!

Master Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom RemodelThis photo shows a Master Bathroom Remodel we completed in 2009 for a client in Longmont, CO.

If you need somebody you can trust to complete a bathroom remodel for your home hit the contact button or call (316) 243-8288.