2017 is here!

I just finished the year-end paperwork for 2016, and it absolutely amazes me when I look back at how many jobs I do for people throughout the year. There have been some pretty fun ones. Hot ones. And hard ones. But I’m so glad to have the opportunity to do each one, no matter how small it is. 2016 came and went so fast, and now I can’t believe it’s nearing the end of February of 2017 already! There are many jobs in store for the next few months that I’m looking forward to doing. Which makes me glad I don’t have any advertising other than the Better Business Bureau, because I would have to turn work away! It makes me happy to know my customers think so highly of my work and reasonable prices that they tell other people about me time and time again. So my thanks to all of you for helping my business succeed each year.

The one thing changing this year is the trip charge. It’s been the same for the last three years, but I am at a point that I need to raise it to keep up with ever increasing costs on my end to do business. Starting April 1, 2017, the new trip charge will be $12. It’s only a one time charge per service call (as in if I’m at your house 3 days in a row, there’s only one trip charge, not a per-day charge). The one thing that won’t change is quality. That will always stay the same.

Let me know how we can help you change or maintain your home. Estimates and advice are free! Call or email to schedule a visit to your home. Have a great 2017!

As always, we are Reasonable. Responsible. Reliable.

Spring Cleaning, Spring Repairs!

Get your Spring repairs done!

It seems like everyone has spring fever!  There’s a lot of people heading to the zoo, parks, and the running trails. But, with springtime comes repairs that have been put off over the winter.  Now that it’s getting nice outside, it’s time to get those repairs done!

Leaky gutters still? Let’s get those sealed up and ready for the spring rains.

Deck in need of some TLC? Let’s get it sanded and sealed and ready for some BBQs!

This year we have added pressure-washing to help make your home shine again. If your house is like ours, you probably have some cob webs and piles of dust in the corners. Some special soap and a quick spray from the washer make it look great! *If you have vinyl siding, let us know when you call because that requires an extra step when we come to clean for you.

Whatever your project or repair, let Wichita Handyman help you get your house in tip-top shape so you’ll have more time to enjoy the great weather.  Call or email to schedule a time for an estimate. Let us know the name of the person that referred you to us, and we’ll send them a gift card AND give you $20 off your service call labor!

 Ready to get going?! Call me today and I’ll come by for a free estimate!  Happy Spring!!!

Do You Have Energy Upgrades to Make?

Let us help you get your energy upgrades done now to start saving you money today!

Some of the Many Energy Upgrades Performed by Wichita Handyman:

  • Low Flow Toilet Replacement
  • Low Flow Shower Heads
  • Dimmer Switches
  • CFL Bulb Replacement
  • Hot water heater age/evaluation
  • Gas vs. Electric Stove Eval
  • Attic Insulation Evaluation
  • Window Evaluation
  • Water Leak Detection
  • No VOC/Low Odor painting
  • Ceiling Fan Check
  • Energy Star/Energy Efficient Installation of All Household Appliances
  • Programmable Thermostat Installation and Evaluation

Have a project not listed here? Call or email for a free quote!

Call for a free evaluation, report of findings, and estimate