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Bringing a fence back to life

This is a fence project I recently completed for some customers in NW Wichita.  This fence was 156 linear feet! It was long.  It took about 4 hours to pressure wash all the old weathered look and make it shine again.  Some of the neighbor’s fence had already been stained a couple of years ago (sprayed on) and didn’t look great. Some of the fence had fairly new boards, but had not been treated at all.  The whole thing was power-washed.  The next day when it was dry we rolled on an entire 5-gallon bucket of Sherwin Williams HouseScapes semi-transparent stain. It came out beautifully.  Just as a reference, labor for the entire thing comes to about $3.50 per linear foot.  A gallon of Sherwin Williams stain covers 100-200 square feet and it’s $50 a gallon plus sundries. But when you see the results — it’s definitely worth it!

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Give the gift of home repairs!

*Don’t forget that gift certificates are perfect when you don’t know what to get someone!*

Wichita Handyman is now offering gift certificates! 

For most homeowners it usually comes down to one of two reasons why projects don’t get done 1) There’s never enough time to get to it, or 2) you need a special tool or the know-how to do it.

We have the tools and the know-how to get it done — so help someone special in your life get their projects done!

Give a gift certificate to:

*A family member who can’t afford home repairs                   

*Single moms                                                                                                


*Aging parents or grandparents                                                                                          

*Your spouse as an incentive to get things crossed off that to-do list!

Gift certificates are absolutely perfect for Christmas!  Father’s Day!   Mother’s Day!   Birthdays!   Anniversaries!


Here’s how it works: 

We will run an early holiday special this year (2015) of 10% off any dollar amount you wish to buy. It’s hard to just assign a dollar amount to a certificate because every job is different.  Some jobs are tougher and take more time, materials and tools to get the job done.  But some are “in-and-out” and not that complicated.  Some jobs are bid by the job and we use a nationally known book to help assist in determining the cost.  Other odd jobs that aren’t listed could be charged at an hourly rate.  If you want to get a certificate for someone, call or email first and let us know what you’re thinking the project may be that the person needs done.  From there we can give you an approximate dollar amount to buy. 

Another option would be if you don’t know what project the person has planned but just want to give them say $100 towards a project, we could do that too.  They can be issued in any denomination you would like. 

All materials for the job are extra (unless we discuss this when the certificate is purchased.)  The certificates will be good for one year from issuance, are subject to our scheduling,  and are non-refundable. Please make sure the job you need completed or the person you’re buying for is (most likely) something on the list of our services provided.

Fill out a contact form, give us a call or shoot an email and we’ll help you figure out what gift certificate will work best for you!

Reasonable.Responsible.Reliable.Your family’s professional handyman service. 


New Fee starting April 1

Unfortunately, thanks to the rapidly rising costs of gas, business liability insurance & pulling the tool trailer to every job, my usually low rates have to change. I’ve decided not to raise the hourly rate, but beginning April 1st, 2014, there will be a $8 fee added to a service call bill to help offset the costs.  If I will be working multiple days at your home, this price will be adjusted and included in the bid.  And of course coming to your house to bid your job will still be free.  Any questions about this I’ll be glad to speak with you. Just call.

Spring Fever?

Spring Fever?  We all have it!  After so many days of snow, ice, cold & wind makes all of us ready to see the sun and break out the t-shirts and shorts.  Since spring is such a fun time of year to watch everything turn green again, we have some suggestions for you to get some things done outside so your house looks great, and you can move on to bigger and better things!

Ready to get started!?  Let’s do it!  Contact us and we’ll get it done.

I have a feeling since the last part of winter was a little milder, we’re going to see warmer weather sooner and last longer this year. Although it’s not at the top of your list at the minute, NOW is the time to buy window and portable air conditioning units!  Because as we all know if you walk into Home Depot in mid-July, you’re very unlikely to find a window air unit you want.  Of if there are any left, it’s top of the line and way more money than you wanted to pay.  My supplier has just put ALL OF THEIR UNITS on sale.  Here’s what I can get, and some I can even beat Home Depot’s prices:

  • LG Window Air Conditioners,

  • LG Window Combo Heat/Air Conditioners,

and a new brand (actually made by Haier)

  • “Commercial Cool” Window Air or Combo Units

  • Commercial Cool Portable Air or Combo Units also!

  • And now in 2014 I can get Frigidaire Window Air or Combo Units

I am really psyched about the new options with the window units.  Last year I installed a few for people, and while they were happy about being cool in the summer, they weren’t too thrilled about the unit just having to sit unused during the winter. But now with these combo units, you can use them year-round! (And even though they’re named “Commercial Cool”, they’re for residential use).    I can get some larger units as well for 240V if you have a larger shop or garage to cool.    But let me explain this to you:


Some units start as low as $149! I have special brackets to use, even if you’re on a second or third story building, and will ensure your window unit is safe and water-proof no matter what style of window you have.

Send us the size of the room you want to cool (e.g. 10′ x 10′) and I’ll tell you what size of unit you need. Then add if you want one with the heat option too, and we’ll be over to get it in fast, efficient, and at the best price of the entire year!

Also, don’t forget to have us come clean out your gutters if you didn’t get it done this fall. The spring rains will be a-comin, and it’ll be a disaster if the gutters are full.  We have already had one call from a customer that gutter has a leak and has been peeling the paint from his house. We can fix those problems too!  Too much moisture leads to bugs, mosquitos, and even termites. Protect your home and your investment and let’s remediate any issues you have.

So get your list together of all the things that have needed to be done over the winter, hit the “contact” button at the top of the page, and tell us what you’ve got! We’ll make sure to get those projects done for you so you’ll have more free time to enjoy the spring weather! 

Have a great Spring….