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Kitchen cabinet roll out shelves

These are some roll out shelves we installed for a customer in Wichita this week.  They are polypropylene plastic reinforced with fiberglass and steel. They are 3 inches high and can hold 60-100 pounds of weight.  While they run $50-$60 per drawer plus installation and some minor cabinet modification, these are by far the best drawers we’ve seen. The shelves make retrieving things in the back of the cabinet so much easier, especially for the elderly or disabled. They can also be easily wiped out with a Clorox wipe.  See here for your self what sets these apart, and then call us to order some for your kitchen and get them installed.

Double Roll Out Drawers

Single Roll Out Drawer

Refurbished deck

This was a fun project.  Several summers ago when the homeowners first moved in to their house, they budgeted to do a few repairs each summer to their deck and landscaping. We sanded down the boards, replaced 4 rotten ones, and then gave everything a nice coat of Sherwin Williams Deckscapes paint/stain combo. It’s tintable so they were able to pick the color they wanted and it came out nice.  We also rebuilt their seat along the edge of the deck and stained it too.

This last summer they were ready to have all new boards installed on the main deck.  After ripping up the tired, old pressure treated lumber, we replaced it with all new already-stained brown pressure treated wood from Home Depot. They also have some pesky neighbors, so we built a lattice backdrop with pressure treated wood to help give them some privacy on spring and summer evenings.

The last picture is two custom-made planters made out of some left-over decking material. It was our gift to them for being a great customer over the years. (We also completely rebuilt the sprinkler system that was originally installed in 1983 and was in bad shape. Just don’t have pics of that big project!)

As long as it’s fairly dry for at least a week, winter could be a great time to replace your deck boards! We would be glad to come by and take a look at your project, and get everything done now so when spring sneaks up on you and you want to spend time on the deck, it’s beautiful and ready for company.  Click the contact button at the top of the page and tell us about your project.

Enjoy the pictures.

Joyce Deck

Joyce Deck - view 2

Joyce Deck View 3

Planter Boxes

Winter Work

Happy New Year!

It’s time to get your house ready for winter, and we can help you get that done. We’ve already been working on some projects for customers to get everything winterized.  One of the biggest losses of heat during the winter is the front door. Through the constant use of the front door things get out of whack and the warm air is sneaking out! We can come evaluate where the leaks are coming from, and the best way to fix it.

Another loss of energy is through the attic. Quite a few attics are lacking in the amount of insulation needed to keep you warm this winter. We can quickly and easily evaluate how deep your current insulation is, how much more you need, and ensure there is proper airflow from the soffits.  Before we put in any new insulation, we’ll go around to each light box and insulate around the seams with fireproof spray foam to eliminate even the smallest of heat loss into the attic (because heat rises, right!?)

Let us come, DO IT RIGHT, and help you be more comfortable and save some money this winter.

Have you kept up with the new laws about light bulbs?  We have!  In January 2012, standard 100 watt light bulbs we’ve used for years were phased out and no longer sold in the U.S.   In January 2014, now 75 watt light bulbs will no longer be manufactured.  Our lawmakers in Washington have decided it’s time to help all of us slowly but surely change our ways to help reduce the amount of energy we use.  So what’s next? Time to start using more energy efficient things around our houses! Fluorescent bulbs have really come a long way since they started making them, and use a lot less energy. LED lights are also coming along, but there’s quite a few cons to using them. I can help you determine which bulbs and lamps will work the best for your needs. And don’t forget about dimmers! Most of the old style dimmer switches will not work with fluorescent bulbs. But it’s an easy replacement we can do in a snap!

While normally work starts to slow for all contractors during the winter months, our business is booming. We have so much work it’s hard to keep up with everything! But let us know what we can do for you to get your projects done. We are in the process of becoming certified with the Better Business Bureau, so all our customers know they can count on us to make things right, keep customers happy and referrals coming.  Thanks to you all for your business.  We will continue to give you all good service at a very fair price.  When it comes to your projects, you know who to count on.

When you think “I need a handyman”, think Wichita Handyman LLC for all your residential handyman needs.